Daedong vessel engine
praised worldwide
and boasting history and tradition
Based on technical processes concentrating entirely on product manufacturing that innovates quality through overflowing creativity, maximizes cost effectiveness and minimizes maintenance cost, we promise you to always stay close to our customers and strictly fulfill the spirit of follow-up service.
Korea, undoubted No. 1 shipbuilding powerhouse in the world recognized worldwide!

Vessel engine seeking perfection!

Engine suitable for low-carbon, green growth! Engine suitable for the age of high oil prices!

Daedong vessel engine DD4BB
Daedong vessel engine DD4AF
Daedong vessel engine DD6GA
Daedong vessel engine DD6AT2
Daedong vessel engine DD4DA
DAEDONG MARINE TECH Producing under the technical collaboration and Hyundai has an excellent durabillity with a distinguished quality
Daedong vessel engine

Expert manufacturer in marine vessel engines and
generators boasting 100 years of history and technology

BAUDOUIN’s experiences in designing and manufacturing perfect propulsion systems have continued for a century and established based on its vision for customer service.
Expert manufacturer of marine propulsion units